CBT Warwickshire

Michaela Rayner – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Here are some examples of the feedback I get from my clients.

"My experience with Michaela as my counsellor, is a very positive one. Michaela has helped me to feel happier, and has given me the strength to be more confident and to know my self worth. Michaela has also helped my Daughter Emily. As she has had ongoing struggles with OCD. Michaela has taught her how to challenge her obsessive thoughts, and how to manage them. Michaela is a professional, friendly lady, who is very easy to talk to".
"I came to Michaela through a friend’s recommendation. She had described the therapy for her OCD as ‘life changing’ and I soon found out it was. Although I, myself, did not suffer with OCD I did have anxiety and depression. The CBT thought process of changing negative thoughts into positive has transformed my outlook on things. I stopped caring about insignificant thoughts but tended to weigh me down and prioritise my well being. My workload management began to improve and I became a happier person. When the people closest to you say ‘I can tell you’ve been to Michaela’ you know it’s worth every penny."
"As for Michaela as a person, she is compassionate and easy to confide in. She has been so supportive of me; two years including through my pregnancy to now when I take my daughter (1 year old) to the session. This is someone who truly cares about their clients. Do not hesitate to reach out to her!"
" Michaela's understanding and wealth of experience have been outstanding. Her open minded approach and her empathy and engagement have given me enormous help."
"I highly recommend Michaela, she has always made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I also really like how her room is very homely and cosy and doesn’t feel like a clinical setting, as it makes it a more relaxed environment. She has made such a huge positive impact on my life and I always benefit from our sessions."